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Customize Sparkweb

I would like to know if anyone has customized sparkweb or has any pointers on how to customize it.

Don’'t get me wrong, it looks great, I just want to change some colors and try to do some branding

I am looking for the same capability. Did you happen to get an answer on this? I’'d like to integrate it to our portal. Thanks.


unfortunately no, I still would like to though. Since we brand the client it would also be nice to brand the web client.

In Greg’‘s response in a different thread, it seems to indicate it is possible. I haven’'t been able to find the follow-up on this though. See details on the other posting:

Re: New SparkWeb UI ideas

Posted: Apr 26, 2007 2:57 PM in response to: ibradshaw


Hi Ian,

It will be possible to customize SparkWeb if you would like to.




I would like to resurrect this. I have seen a document that explains a little about customizing it, but there isn’t enough documentation there and I don’t have the knowledge to piece it together. If someone could help me make minor customizations to sparkweb that would be great. The main thing I want is to change the orange back ground to something else and then lock the server field like we do with the desktop client.

Help is greatly appreciated.

This article might help you (if it wasn’t the one you were referring to already):


Yeah, that’s the confusing one. I appreciate the sample stylesheet, but where does it go? There’s no SparkWebSkin.swf file in my SparkWeb install. Heck, there’s not even an assets/css.

Is this done from source code somehow? I’d like to change the background gradient to something a litle less orange.

you need adobe’s free flex dev kit. you can then create the file.

Oh, nice! Thanks for the tip Todd… that points me in the right direction.

I may end up figuring it out, but do you have any pointers on how to go about creating the file? Grab a source trunk and go from there?

I’ve got some basic instructions on how to get up and running with the Flex SDK in this SparkWeb forum topic.

I’ve also got some compiling problems, so if anyone can help that’d be really nice.

Hi there,

is there anyone,who has been able to build his own customized version of SPARKWEB under windows ? I still get the same errors as all the others, and no mentioned workaround is working. Any tips and hints are blessed.

It would be also nice,if someone could write a small howto,on how to change the look and feel of SPARKWEB?

Maybe one of the developers could help. I cannot understand,that the problem still exist and noone has posted an solution for it.