Customize user profiles/Information


I am just starting to learn my way around OpenFire and thus far it’s been great. I am hoping to begin using it for a roleplay environment (think of things like DnD and such ) so I’d like to be able to change the default profile fields to things that’d be more suitable for what it’s going to be used for. Where does one do that? Is it as simple as changing fields in the database or is there a little more to it?

Something else is I aws wondering if OpenFire (or any other XMPP server that is out there) integrates into a board/forum/cms so users may register / interract on a forum level as well as the chat system XMPP provides. If this is possible it would take care of the question above for obvious reasons. I really appreciate any help in regards to this, thank you!


Well it may be an obvious thing but I checked with different clients, and even though the each have their own variation on the user information ( some have the placement in a different location, others have more fields etc etc ) the information that is constant is there that I’ve put in. Honestly, I’ve only checked with PSI and SPARK so I am not 100% sure but if they both give me the same profile info then it must be stored in the database, however it may be the client I need to fix up to display things a certain way. Is this a possibility?

I found where it is inside of my MYSQL database. It’s under “ofVcard” . When I view the data it looks like some sort of XML style structure which means that each program reads it and displays it differently . It calls to each tag and displays it in whatever format it’s designed to. This just got a little bit tougher Oh well, all part of learning. Anyone else have any ideas?