Customizing my profile without LDAP

Hello all

We are using openfire 3.5.1 and spark 2.5.8 in our company. I want to know if it is possible to ‘edit your profile’, this while NOT using the LDAP configuration in openfire. All it says is that ‘Server does not support Vcards. Unable to save VCard’. Is there any way to save our pictures, nicknames ect?

Thank you in advance

If you are not configure to use LDAP there should be no reason that this would not work. Unless you are using some other form external of authentication.

you could try setting this setting to true in the system properties: ldap.override.avatar

If it is already set to true change it to false.

Thank you for the reply Todd

But that property is not displayed at all. I added it manually at the bottom, but still not working. I am using the default profile setting.