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Customizing Spark Client (buttons, menus, etc...)

How can I customize which buttons, menus, and other options are availble on the Spark Client.

I want to deploy the Spark Client and lock down what features are enabled to client users.

I have looked over the defaul.properties file in the Spark.jar and only see a few things that are adaptable.

  1. Is there a more exhaustive list (or plugin) that enables more customization of the Client?

  2. Or is the only option to modify/compile source? (less desired)

  3. Or create a plugin, can a plugin disable buttons, options etc…? (eg. Remove the Filer Transfer Button from the Toolbar, or remove all Toolbar items, remove emoticonsm, etc…)

I am running Openfire and Spark on Linux (RHEL5) x86-64 bit machines.

Thanks, Rahul

  1. I believe not.

2-3. Not a developer myself, so not sure. Maybe it is possible to create such plugin, though you will have to somehow protect that plugin from disabling by users. So source modifying is a 100% working solution.