Customizing Spark IM for Openfire


I have following questions. Please help me.

Spark Versions: 2.6.0

Openfire Versions: 3.5.1

  1. Is there any option to view and save chat history (In Both client (Spark) & server (Openfire))?

  2. Is there any option to save voice chat (Spark IM) recordings in Openfire Server?

  3. Instead of showing contacts in spark, we would like to define 2 roles. Example: Student & Teacher.

  • Student can view and chat only with teachers.
  • Teacher can view and chat only with students.

So, how we have to customize both Spark and Openfire to achieve this?

  1. Is is possible to disable auto answering in voice chat calls (Spark) ?



hey manikandan

i’ll help about your questions

A1 : yes we can save and observe clients chat

with this plug-in(openfire) Monitoring Plugin

A2 : i think not

A3 : you can share group from openfire

Contact List (Roster) Sharing : use user/groups -> edit group -> Enable contact list group sharing

Share group with additional


All users

The following groups:

its like this ,so you can pick all or simple groups from here

A4 : yes you can ,search forum for more information.