Customizing spark using source?

I know that Jive offers a skinning service but the price is far out of reach for me. I am doing this for my computers class at school. Is there a way to use the source code to make my own custom spark? Just visual skinning, no changing textboxes or anything. Maby just an icon and logo change.

Hi KClaisse,

Doing the actual changes for skinning is very simple, however the issue you will run into is creating an exectuable for deployment. I would post this question over in SparkDev for further discussion.




the images are all within spark.jar or other jar files in the lib directory, you may want to use Winzip to view the content of the files. It should be easy to update an archive with another image file.


Pay Attention: before you do that u need to use winzip (right click in the file (spark.jar) located in the past /lib and click in open with use winzip (winrar, winzip, brazip, etc…)

Atenção: Antes de você fazer isso, você precisa ter o winzip (clique com o botão direito do mouse no arquivo (spark.ja) localizado na pasta: /lib e clique em abrir com e escolha o winzip (ou o seu descompactador padrão, geralmente a maioria tem suporte a .jar)

Brother, tudo que você precisa para fazer as alterações de nomes é ir em spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource e as imagens estão em spark.jar\images

Everything that u need to change are in spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource and images are in spark.jar\images

To change title (TOP BAR)

Para mudar o título (Barra do Topo)