Customizing Spark

I’d like to customize spark, so that the “New Account” button doesn’t show and so that the Server Text Box doesn’t show (I would like the server to be automatically generated). Also, change the name and customize the color schemes. Plus, I’d like to remove the option for it to connect to external SIP servers or adding users from outside our network. Is this possible?

Hi Budde,

Here’s some links that can help you:

To prevent contact with external servers, disabled the S2S (server to server) option in the OpenFire server admin webpage.


I’ve been looking for the same information. The links you provided are broken . Can you provide new links?

Thanks for the help!

Just Copy and Paste the Text of the Links.

Thanks! That will be helpful to me. Just a quick question, Is it possible to customize the layout of the Contact List?

That worked. Thank you!

I haven’t done much customizing of Spark, but you probably could achieve it.

How did you want the contact list to look like?