Cyrillic Contact Names in Roster are converted to ?''s

I’‘ve upgraded from Jabberd2s10 to the latest Wildfire yesterday. I’‘ve used a perl script that converts j2’‘s database into an XML file to use with Import/Export plugin. After import all contacts with russian names got converted to ???’‘s. I’‘ve deleted all contacts, converted the russian text into transliterated text and imported it again. Then I manually renamed all the contacts back into russian. But today i’‘ve opened the client at work, and all names are back to ???’‘s again. Here’'s more info about my server:

OS : Fedora Core 4 (SMP Kernel)

Java : 1.5.0_07 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Server VM (bundled)

Database and Version: MySQL 5.1.11-beta

JDBC Driver: MySQL-AB JDBC Driver

JDBC Driver Version: mysql-connector-java-3.1.13 ( $Date: 2005-11-17 15:53:48 +0100 (Thu, 17 Nov 2005) $, $Revision$ )

i’‘ve also tried to change the charset on the jiveRoster table (set it to UTF-8) but that didn’'t help.

v-card doesn’'t work as well. (contains ???)


Names manually renamed to UTF-8 via mysql client seem to get retreived right. But when I rename them via client (psi) it doesn’'t get updated in the database right away.

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did you read tml#mysql and did you set ?


Yes, i’‘ve also found a KB article that said to append ?characterEncoding=utf8 to the connection string, but that didn’'t help.

Stuff manualy renamed now appears like this “Ð?апа” (supposed to be “???”).

Also, what steps should i perform to persist my roster renames (from the client) in the database? Because it doesn’'t really end up there right after I edit my roster (havent had that problem with jabberd2).

Never mind, i’'ve switched to eJabberd instead.

and how I can resolve this problem??? I need to write my contacts details in Cirilyc, but I have same the problem!!!

Let me know!!!


it may help a lot to post a new thread for a [new] question instead of reviving an old one.

Which database are you using, can you verify that the contacts are stored right (or wrong) in the database?

Wildfire has one really minor problem with UCS-2 vs. UTF-8 I’‘m aware of so I don’'t think that you are hitting a problem there.


Hey Bani,

Which database are you using? Make sure that it is configured to use utf-8. Some old mysql databases do not support that so you need to specify the utf-8 encoding in the jdbc url.


– Gato

I have Wildfire 3.1 on Windows, I need to copy my users to new Wildfire 3.1 on FreeBSD (6.0Mysql 5.0JDK 1.5). For copy I use Import/Export plugin, but when I move my users I have ???, it should be some cirilyc text. What I should to do? Wich command I can use to change encoding/charset in my MySql or how I can move my users without ???

Problem resolved, just use comands like that: CREATE DATABASE my_wildfire_database DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8; and all cirilyc data will be correct