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D-Link Router Problem?

Openfire has been installed on my Windows 7 desktop for sometime now with no problems. We are on our work network and I had to install a wireless router (D-Link DIR-655) between my desktop and the wall. Since doing so, no Spark user can connect to the Openfire server running on my desktop. Other than myself of course, being on the same machine. Also, we have a dynamic range for all our desktops. I’m guessing it has to be in the router since the problem started as soon as it was added to the mix.

When I set up Openfire, I did so using the Default settings as this not my area of knowledge. Also, there are no wireless connections that utilize spark or openfire.

Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know what other information you might need on my setup to help me solve this.


Spark 2.6.3

Openfire 3.7.1

Open ports 5222 and 5223 on that wireless router. Should do the trick.