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Daily Builds

Hey all,

Daily builds are now available at:


I’'ll get the link added to the main Smack page soon. Also, you may have noticed that the forums have been upgraded. There are a bunch of cool new features like read tracking of individual messages, and forum-level watches.



Thank you

Yes, thank you

ohhh, nice!!

Thanks for making the daily builds possible Matt (BTW are one of your roles at Jive “sole developer” of the Smack libs or are you working inconjunction with Iain who’'s working on the Jive Messenger?)


I’'m the co-founder and CTO of Jive Software. Most of my time is spent working on Jive Forums (one of our products). However, I help out a bit with Jive Messenger, and yes, do all of the development on Smack.



Hi Matt,

Thanks again for deciding to make the daily builds available. I’'m not sure where you want problems with them reported so this first one will go here until I hear otherwise:

build 4/7/03 PacketReader.processPacket(Packet packet) I got an index out of bounds exception on the first packet.

Changed the if statement to “i>=0” instead of “i<=0” and all works find now.

Take care,



Thanks for the bug fix! I’‘ve added it to cvs and will upload today’‘s daily build soon. In general, it’‘s a good idea to start a new thread for bug reports, since it’'s easier for everyone to track.