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Daily update of server

Hello, I am not an expert with linux but I am building a redhat box to install jive onto. I installed the rpm and it was working fine. I then wanted to install the daily update. I ran across these install instructions here…

" You can run rpm -U to upgrade the package, but make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Stop the service

  2. Back up /opt/jive_messenger/conf and /opt/jive_messenger/resources

  3. Run the rpm command

  4. Replace your jive-messenger.xml file and keystore

  5. If you’‘re using the embedded database, you might need to restore that also, but if using MySQL you’'re fine

  6. chown -R jive:jive /opt/jive_messenger

7 Start the service while tailing stderror.log and stdoutt.log"

But the daily update isn’'t an rpm package. if you use the U switch you need a package to install. Am I missing something? If I just copy and paste all the directories from the daily update and then copy back the .xml file, will that cause more harm than good?



Thanks for posting those upgrade instructions! Why would you want to use the daily builds, though? They’‘re definitely not always stable and if you’‘ll be using this server in a production environment, we’'d very highly recommend sticking with the official releases or at least the betas.



THanks for the reply matt.

I was having issues with my group rosters and I was thinking that maybe I needed to upgrade to the latest build to make sure it wasn’'t a bug.

I guess, I’'ll just stick with the stable release and try to get my groups to work. For reference though, is copying the directories over the originals acceptable? Or is there a script to run that will do the upgrade (after the daily update has been unpacked)?

Thank you!!!

it’‘s ok to overwrite folders, though i’‘m using ONLY tar packages (no rpm), so i simply have no choice I’‘m overwriteing with the user which i’'m running JM with, so i dont have to change permissions after that.