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Data for creating reports

hi all,

i’'m searching for some data to create reports.

i will create an script for colect this data. for starting, i want to know all the users that have logged in the day before. where do i get this data? do i have to audit something?

what more reports can i have in the JM?

i mean, in the jabberd, we can view how much packets some users send and received for example. any sugestions are welcome



Hi Rodrigo,

My company, url=http://version2software.com/Version 2 Software[/url], has been working on a plugin that will add various reporting features to Messenger. Some of reports that will be available are:

  • Active Sessions

  • Message Traffic

  • Registered Users

  • Memory Usage

All reports are updated in real-time, can be viewed using different time spans (hour, day, week, month, year) and can be exported to a csv file for import into Excel or other analysis tools.

We are planning to release a beta of the plugin towards the end of the month similar to what was done with the Jive Group Chat application. I’‘ll be sure to post an official announcement of the beta when we’'re ready to go.

Hope that helps,


PS - I’'ve attached a screen shot of one of the reports “in action”.

hi Ryan,

these plugin will be commercial use like Jive Group Chat, right?

if so, could you just tell me how do i know where there is that information?

in the table jiveUserProp there is an filed name that have an lastActivity which i can view when was the last loggout of the user (is that right?).

and the packet audit, what data it gets me?




Any open source (free) plugins that are similar to this?

Actually looking for a way to pull this type of info though snmp traps or something similar.