Database Password Encryption Problem


i’m from germany. Please apologized my bad english.

i set up an openfire server instance on my debia wheezy server. I use a mysql server database to store the needed openfirestuff. If i use a 12 characters long passwort for the openfire database with numbers, capitals and smal letters and 1 ampersand symbol i get problems after a reboot.

So i start to set up openfire via the webconsole and define a database connection.

All went fine

If i reboot the debian server, openfire wont start. The error log tells me openfire cant access the database.

I set up openfire again over the webconsole with the same db connection password and all went fine again.

After a reboot, openfire wont start.

I modified the db passowrd to an easy word ( only 6 letters ).

I set up openfire again and after a reboot it still works.

It seems AES or blowfish encryption has problem with complicated db passwords.

If this a bug i want only report it.

If i made a mistake i will be happy to get help.

Sorry, if this issue already reported.

I am very happy with openfire since version 3.4.3

Greetz from germany

Filed as OF-825

To clarify. You are seeing this with the current 3.9.3 version?


Yes. I use the current 3.9.3 version and get this error. In the last past nights i found out its only the " & " symbol who make this problem. Password with letters and digits only works.



Ok. I have edited the ticket.


I had the same problem using “@” in the mysql password.


Thanks for figuring this out.

I had quite the surprise yesterday after rebooting a server that had been running for 150+ days since initial setup.

It took quite a while to narrow the issue down to the password for mysql. For the record, I had a ‘<’ in my password. I have since simplified my password and I can now restart Openfire without running setup again.