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Database properties - db user/password, how to change them?


I run Openfire using a SQL Server database. Originally when I installed Openfire I specified that it should use the SA login with a specific password. Today, for security reasons we have to change our SQL Server’s SA password to something else. Of course, I expect this will break Openfire because it will keep trying to use the old SA password.

So what I would like to do, is change Openfire to use a completely different login instead of SA, or failing that, simply change the SA password that Openfire tries to use.

Trouble is, using the Openfire Admin (Server > Database), all of the DB properties appear either readonly or not shown at all.

Please can somebody tell me how to change the very simple thing of DB user and/or password? I have a sinking feeling that you can only do this during the install. Please tell me that’s not the case!




Edit your openfire.xml file and then restart openfire.


Yes. You will have to go through a setup again and there is no need to panic It won’t harm, your database will stay intact. To do this, as Daryl said, you will have to stop the server, edit /conf/openfire.xml and change the tag value at the bottom of the file from true to false. Then you should start the server and repeat the setup process. You should point to the existing databse and it will connect to it again.

Thanks, editing openfire.xml did the trick, easy.