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Database roadmap?

Hi i would like to know if someone has made a db “roadmap” for the jive messenger db i would like to add a self written forum and some other stuff to the jive messenger would be nice if i mustend search ech of the 20 Jive tables by my own with php my admin.


Hey greetz,

Currently, we don’‘t have a roadmap of future changes to the database structure. However, I can say that core tables won’'t be modified (at least in the short term). The only tables that I can think might be modified in the short term are those related to MUC (group chat). Some optimizations were requested that may imply some changes to the MUC tables.


– Gato

uhm , well i meant mor the roadmap for the actual jive messenger db

for example whatfor is:




from table jiveid in the database good?

there are some table cells i realy dont know what them are used for…

i just whant to make each needed entry into the database when a member registrates on the Forum or make changes to his account…


There’'s a high-level database schema overview at http://tinyurl.com/d2aso (which links to jivesoftware.org without insrting a break )

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Ah great thats exactly what i was searching for

best regards