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Database schema update

I’am trying to upgrade my plugin’s database tables automatically.

Current version is 0, I want to upgrade to 1. Openfire says:

2008.02.19 14:36:23 Found old database version 0 for helga. Upgrading to version 1...
2008.02.19 14:36:23 Database update successful.

But exactly nothing is done!

I’am sure that all necessary rights are present. To be sure I did:

mysql> REVOKE ALL ON *.* FROM openfire;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON openfire.* TO openfire;

I have placed the following MySQL code in database/upgrade/0/helga_mysql.sql:

# Helga DB version 0 to version 1 DELETE FROM helgaUser WHERE transport=1;
ALTER TABLE helgaUser DROP COLUMN transport; UPDATE jiveVersion SET version=1 WHERE name='helga';

plugin.xml looks like this:

        ...      <databaseKey>helga</databaseKey>

Maybe this is a database problem, because I had always such problems when Openfire needed to upgrade my database.

I’am using MySQL 5.0.54 and Openfire 3.4.4

Any ideas?

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Ok…the schema upgrade file was in wrong place…

I took it here:


but it has to be in:


But this does not explain why the upgrade didn’t work for openfire itself, e.g. while updating form 3.4.1 to 3.4.2.