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Database - Schema

Hi I have some questions about the openfire database schema.

  1. Where blocked users are saved (XEP-0191)
  2. where is the session saved? Is there a way to see if a user is online from the DB?
  1. I am not for certain, but maybe ofprivacylist
  2. Session details are not saved by default, but the userStatus plugin will save session details, but only after the session has ended! Anything currently online is not within the database.

Thanks for the reply.

  1. ok -> I try.
  2. I saw “userStatus” but it is not congruent with the sessions. If I go to Sessions (opnefire admin) I only see 1 user online while on userStatus I see three users online.

As akrherz explained, information about online sessions is not kept in the database. It is stored in the memory of operating Openfire server.