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Debug Window

How do I get to view the debug window?

The documentation explains how to enable the debug window:


Thanks a lot.

I’‘m running some code out of a JSP but I can’'t get the window to open. I almost tried running similar code in a stand-alone app. What else do I need to do?

Code out of JSP ???

Are you trying to invoke the debug window while running you code as a Java Server Page ?

JSP’'s are converted to servlets at the server side and they form HTML dynamically and send them to the client browser. You should try to embed your Smack based code as a JSP bean, but in any case I do not know if the debug window could be opened !

You could look at the code of the debug window on Smack and may be create a custom debug window to help with JSP coding ?

Hope this helps.

I’'m writing a sample web client using JSP. I just tried out to open the debug window and worked fine in my environment (tomcat 4.1.* + WinXP). I ran the test with tomcat as a stand-alone server and also running tomcat inside of eclipse.

What appServer and OS are you using? FYI, the debugger uses AWT which requires the JVM to deal with whatever graphical system it has on the localhost. This means that if you are using Linux or Solaris then you need to have an XServer running and have access to it. Did you check for any error message in the appServer logs?

Other way to go (requires some coding) is to create your own debugger and make it available in a JSP page. This way you’'ll be able to access the debugger from the internet/intranet. Trying to open the debugger window in the server is more intended for development.


– Gato