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Debugging Wildfire

Im working on a fairly significant change of the way authentication works, and so I need to debug whats going on at a fairly low level. What is the best way to debug whats happening? I dont use Eclipse or any other IDE at this point, as they are not very condusive to the way I work (Im largely a vi man). But if there are no better options, I can attempt to work inside one.

To give an example of what Im looking at, right now my changes result in the server closing the connection (with a valid before closing the socket) as soon as the client sends anything. Obviously, something isnt right- so how do I trace it?

Hi Jay,

you post the question and the answer, so how may one help you? Using an IDE like Eclipse allows you to set breakpoints etc. It seems that this is much better than trying to add Log.debug() statements everywhere. Using the debug interface may be hard as you may run into TCP or session timeouts.

It’'s really easy to setup, as described in this KB[/url] artice.

You may still use vi to edit your java files if you prefer it.


yeah, I suppose Ill have to install Eclipse. I was hoping there was a nice debugger (like gdb) I could run it in, without needing a full IDE. Eclipse and I have disagreements over what platforms it thinks it should run on