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Default behaviour on ''Unknown Packet''?

What’‘s JM’'s behaviour when asked to route an ‘‘unkown’’ packet?

I’'ve written a plugin that constructs a custom IQ packet. Whenever I try to send it (using IQRouter.route() ) warn.log is appended with an ‘‘unknown packet’’ message. Does that mean that the packet is dropped by the server, or will the packet be transmitted to the client all the same? If the packet is dropped, how whould I send custom packets?

Hmm, ignore this. The ‘‘unknown packet’’ message was triggered by the router, because it was unable to retreive the namespace from the packet.

Somehow, I managed to create an dom4j Element object that did output a namespace in .toString(), but failed to come up with one when called for by a method. Adding the namespace in the Element constructor instead of adding it through a method after constructing the object fixed my problem.