"Default Group" in Registration Plugin not working

I have a wildfire server running very smoothly but I want everyone to automatically become a member of a group “Members”.

I followed the instruction, installed the Registration plugin and created the group Members. Then I made it the default group for registering users and thought that was that.

Except its not working !

I am authorising my users via a seperate MySQL database, so maybe they dont seem to really “register” in the normal way.

Can anyone suggest a solution ?

Many thanks


PS) I have tested this in both 3.0.1 & 3.1

Hi Thratchen,

I haven’‘t been able to reproduce this issue. Do you have the “Enable automatically adding of new users to a group.” option selected on the Registration Properties page? I know you said you’'re uusing MySQL, but by chance are you using LDAP as well?



I am experiencing the same issue. If a user registers via the web interface they are added to the group I created and I get an IM they they registered. If a user registers via spark they are not added to the group and I don’'t get an IM. I am using MySQL only…


Hi ItsNewToYou,

I still haven’'t been able to reproduce the problem using Spark or Psi.

What version of Wildfire, registraion plugin and Spark are you using?



Well, after some fiddling around it appears to only happen about 1/2 the time with the client. Also the group is not showing up in the roster either when it isn’'t share except among the users of the group. I am using all the recent releases for the client, server, and plugin.


Are you seeing any errors in the logs?



Hello Ryan,

thanks for the plugins!

I have the same problem…I was using your registration plugin on a wildfire 2.7 version and your plugin version 1.3.0 and all was working fine with my web-based chat application. I installed the wildfire 3.1.0 on a virtual machine and dropped your plugin 1.3.0 and it wont work. I have to manually register users to a default group. Was wondering if the wildfire version had anything to do with it?

Whats weird is that when I go to the admin console and click on installed plugins tab, sometimes I see your two plugins (registration, subscription) and sometimes I dont see any.

Anyway just thought that I would add that to this discussion.

Thanks again!

Hi gforty,

Thank you for the additional information. Are you seeing any errors in the logs? Nothing has really changed with the plugins or the parts of Wildfire that the plugins use so I’'m not sure why they would all of sudden stop working.




I get the following error in warn.log about every second:

(Please note the time is off on my server)

2006.05.09 09:57:11 Error unloading plugin registration. Will attempt again momentarily.

2006.05.09 09:57:21 Error unloading plugin subscription. Will attempt again momentarily.

Other than that, nothing else out of the ordinary.

BTW, I am using Windows 2003 on a VMWare virtual machine with the wifi embedded database.

On my other box that has the working plugins, Fedora 5 with embedded db.

Its not important for me at this point as I am back to the fedora box , but I thought that you may be interested in these warnings.

Thanks again for the plugins.