Default URL for webchat

Just wondering if there is way of setting Fastpath Webchat to use URL without specifying port (9090). In many cases port 9090 is filtered and people can’t use the feature. I have came up with solution using rewrite/proxy engine on Apache. All is good as far as actually clicking on “chat” button which is trying to access server on port 9090. I can describe in more details if anyone is more interested what am I looking for.

I have an apache install doing a reverse proxy for port 9090.

proxyRequests off

proxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /webchat/ http://localhost:9090/webchat/

ProxyPassReverse /webchat/ http://localhost:9090/webchat/

you can also search previous posts for more info.

Thanks for information, I will try later on with my Apache and see how this goes.

I have these lines in a file sparkproxy.conf in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory (CentOS 5.5). I don’t think there’s any other config needed but it’s been a while since I configured the proxy.

Don’t worry about that, I have my way around Apache I actually prefer to use .htaccess for these little things as tehy do not require server’s restart. Currently I’m actually using rewrite engine with P directive which is probably working the same way as you suggested.