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DefaultParticipantStatusListener question

Hello guys, I am still noobish with SMACK API. I am trying to implement the joined and left method to alert everyone in a room that a user has joined or left a room. Hence, I created a listener and added it to the muchat object. Each user has its own muc object and is stored in the session, hence every user has a listener.When the joined method is called, i do a send message ( participant has joined the room ) to the room.

This is where it gets messy, if 1 user joins a room every one will be noticed via their respective listeners and hence everyone will b sending the joined message to the room. I was wondering if its worth just having somekind of bot and attach only 1 listener to it and get it to listen to those events and send the messages to the room or if there is any other way to make it neater.


I guess I will just use a muc.sendmessage when the user joins the room.