Delay in getting messages or alerts

At any given time there are 200+ people online most thru terminal servers (remote desktop) and others using workstations. When a message is sent sometimes that person does not see that message till several hours later or they are not even alerted (the IM should be lit up or flashing to let you know a new message has been recieved) Starting point? What seems to be wrong?

You can start by checking if your server is not running low on resources (Openfire i presume). That is you can check if there is enough free memory, isn’t CPU overloaded, also you can check in Admin Console what JVM memory consumption is (refresh it few times in 5 minutes to get a picture). Also you can check Openfire logs for something related with OutOfMemory errors.

This is right now.

85.57 MB of 493.06 MB (13.3%) used

Server Uptime:
83 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes – started Sep 1, 2010 1:45:02 AM

Current Users

Low: 0
High: 188

It looks ok so far guess I need to watch it on days when activity is high. I checked logs and found no memory errors, nothing related to the word memory

Thanks for the help