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Delayed Messages

So we installed Openfire and Spark on a terminal server in place of Yahoo Messenger that people, at a company we manage, were using. At first everything was fine but then it was being noticed that intermittantly a message would be delayed. Like someone would send a message to another user then about 30 seconds to a Minute that user would get the message. We have not found a way to succesfully duplicate this problem becaues it doesn’t happen all the time just on occasion. The company is very pressed on time so this can’t be happening. Any ideas on what is going on?

For me it was slow network. Check your network connectivity.

I don’t think it would be since we are not talking about it going to different computers. I am talking about between the users of the terminal server.

Do you have a shared db, which could be being slowed down by other applications. I have seen this problem myself.

No we do not have a shared DB.

Do you mean that Openfire and users are all on the same server? This still can be some “network” problem. How are your users logging in? As user@localhost, user@ or user@servername? If the latter, maybe some weird network lookup is taking place instead of just going to the localhost server or user.

Yes it is setup that way. They log in with just the user name like “mike”

And what do you put into server field?

We just put in the name of the server. Example “servername”

Check how it behaves if you put localhost or instead.

After watching it over these beginning weeks of starting to use it I think that the problem has worked itself out since we haven’t experienced any more problems with it being delayed. So it might have just been something that need to be worked out on the machine. If we do have any more problems we will try changing it to localhost or the loopback address because I think this also could have been causing us problems. Thank you all very much for your help!