Delete parts of a conversation?

We are running openfire server 3.7.0 on a windows box and spark, mostly version 2.5.8 for users.

I helped set this thing up and it has been just running on its own so I have not had to become too familiar with the ins and outs of the management interface.

We have an employee who is saying that one of the IT guys asked her out on a date and was shot down through her spark client. I am not concerned with that too much but she also claims that somehow that part of the conversation was deleted from her spark client. I am concerned with that accusation if it is true because I think that would violate our privacy policy. What I need to know is if this is even possible. I think of myself as a pretty smart tech guy but I can’t see anyway that he could have even done this either from the server or the client. Can someone let me know if this is something that could even be done? It isn’t all the history, just the few exchanges where he asked her out. He has admin access to the server and client pc so if it is possible he had access.

Any help is appreciated. I would also appreciate any information of how I could prove or disprove the accusation if it is possible. We are not archiving messages so I can’t compare an archive against what she has in her history.

If you have admin rights on that PC, you can go to it’s C$ remotely and then to C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark\user\username@wroot\transcripts and delete undesired messages from the corresponding transcript xml file.