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Delete user from the DB

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions:

  1. When I delete the user from the Admin Console, all the user’‘s informations (roster and who have them on their’'s roster too, and so on) are erased in the DB as well?

  2. If I erase directly from the DB, where do I have to delete to erase it all, like I said above?

For the second question, the most relevant tables and keys are those:

jiveOffline username

jivePrivate username

jiveRoster username

jiveRoster jid

jiveRosterGroups rosterID same as in jiveRoster rosterID

jiveUser username

jiveUserProp username

jiveVCard username

There are any others?

ps: DB is MySQL





deleting users is something which does not run fine. Even if you use the admin console you will have to do some post work. Caleb posted a script to do this here:


It is the same issue for all databases.