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Deleted users showing in offline group


Deleted users removed via the web admin console are showing up in the offline group in the Spark Client for some of our users. Currently running version Openfire Enterprise 3.3.2 on Appserver: jetty-6.1.x.

Would anyone have any ideas what’s the problem? While manual removal of users from the offline group is an option, it would be nice to find out why the roster is not in sync with the servers.



Deleted users should disappear after the Spark client restart or after a longer time as Spark is probably caching the roster. If those users doesnt disappear after a restart, then this can be a bug with a Spark, though i havent seen this with the latest versions. You can also try restarting the Openfire. Also you should think about upgrading the Openfire.

(double post because of the laggy Ignite site)


Unfortunately even after restarting both client and server, deleted users are still showing up as offline. May consider upgrading the server, but for the time being i’ll just see how upgrading the spark client goes.



If Openfire restart doesnt help, when i suspect it could be your database keeping wrong information. What about testing with some other clients? Exodus, Psi.

Gave those other clients a go and had no problems with roster. I’ll probably just go with the option of manually removing users from the list. Thanks for your help Wroot.