Deleting users, does anyone care? :)


It still sort of puzzles my why Openfire does not clean up the database when a user is deleted. Stale information is left all over the place (jiveoffline, mucaffiliation, mucmember, etc).

JM-510 noted this problem back in the day and was closed, but the issue remains.

So I created Jira tickets with patches for comment :

JM-1352 fix ofoffline

JM-1136 fix for mucaffiliation

Still waiting for somebody more powerful than I to commit or suggest patch problems…


Not a deletion, just removing from the roster. But i do have a question about cleanup process too

I do have a question about deleting a user - see

So, now our questions are connected

The silence from the developers on this issue is answering my question. So frustrating…


I am sure an idiot The only real bug here is with muc affiliations. My appologies to the devels. I suck.