Delivering a offline messages

How to send a mail when the user becomes offline? If anybody knows please help me.

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Do you really want to send an email or do you mean an instant message? If offline storage is turned on on the server, then you can send messages to the offline users and they will get them after they login and get online. Messages will be stored on the server and waiting for those users.

I think the case here is that Karthik wants to be notified/alerted when some user become unavilable. Haven’t seen that feature in Openfire but if there would be one it may come dangerous in biggish environments when badly configured. Just imagine simple nework outage and all accounts going off. Personally I wouldn’t vote for that feature.

I think this can be achieved with a plugin, which will monitor sessions ending and then send a messages (or email) to selected recepient. There is no such feature in Openfire and it is uncommon, so i won’t file it in the tracker. Kartikeyan will have to find a programmer to create such plugin for Openfire.

I second your opinion, it is very uncommon