Deploying a custom IQ provider


I’m trying to implement a custom IQ provider. I followed the instructions from this page: tml

I’ve tried deploying my jar file (with the META-INF/smack.providers) to the lib and plugin directory of the server but get the same error.

When my client sends a message with the custom IQ packet I receive the following error:

The custom processing for the packet is only done on the receiving clients end, so I ideally don’t want to change the server at all. I’m confused why I would need a custom provider on the server, and I believe I might be taking the wrong approach by deploying the provider to the server. Does the server reject IQ packets for namespaces that don’t have registered providers? I think I should really only have to register the custom provider for each client and not for the server. Is this correct?

Is the 503 error caused by incorrectly deploying the provider at the server? Do I need to implement a plugin instead and/or in addition to the provider for the clients?

Thanks in advance,