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Desktop sharing


Nobody know how can resize the screen resolution to share desktop?

The image is very little. I´m looking for in screen.html but i don´t find anything.

I would be interested in this answer as well.


and where is this “



I have changed the configuration in screen.html

Now, I can see the screen bigger than before but the quality (with 100%) is very bad.


Yeah, I got the same thing. It is very blurred. This functionality would be a huge benefit!

Any idea guys ???

it really looks bad !



To fix the blurred screen in desktop sharing, you have to manually recompile the openmeetings source file

There are two lines in public byte[] bufferImage():
double thumbWidth = 600;
double thumbHeight = 600;

Which limit the maximum height and width of transferred image. Afterthat, you should update your screenviewer.jar inside openfire/plugins/red5/screen and all should be working. I walked through some huge maze to get that answer