Desperate help on widlfire + LDAP (Active Directory)


I have read over and over each and every post on using Wildfire with Active Directory (Windows 2000 AS), and so far I have had no luck at all. I have used LDAP Browser to succesfully test my connection and still nothing. Allow me to explain in details:

By using LDAP browser 2.6 I can browse the entire Active Directory with these credentials:

CN=Charlie,OU=Network_admin,DC=esi,DC=gecss,DC=co,DC=cu. So, this means that the user Charlie actually has rights to browse the Directory. (The user Charlie is an actual user that exists inside the OU Network_admin).

Now, the first issue is that I cannot log in to the Administration console by using the username: Charlie and the password provided. In spite that I have this line in the wildfire.xml:

Am I missing something? Any ideas? I have done quite a few things before actually deciding to post here. Thanks before hand.


I see a few problems:

baseDN should be something like:

cn=Users, DC=esi,DC=gecss,DC=co,DC=cu

adminDN should be:


and finally, you’'ll need to login with the sAMAccountName value of the CN=Charlie account (it might not be Charlie). Use the LDAP browser to determine the value.



P.S. – all of this will be much easier in the near future with the LDAP integration GUI tool in Wildfire 3.1.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for your quitck reply. I corrected the things pointed out, but still no success. I launched LDAP browser and checked the actual sAMAccountName value of the CN=Charlie account, which is the same, i.e. charlie.

I am really looking forward to correcting this issue; or looking forward to using LDAP integration GUI tool in Wildfire 3.1.

Please, check this image (jpg 102k) and see what’'s on the screen of my LDAP Browser, probably I am still missing something, or doing something wrong!

Thanks again for your reply. I will keep trying until I make this work.

Can you paste in your latest config file settings?



Sure! Here it is:


Are you still having troubles? Are there any messages in the wildfire log files?