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Destination directory


I am making brended spark.

The sound files still point to “C:\Program Files\Spark\resources\sounds\incoming.wav” even though I changed the “destination directory” during installation to “D:\Spark”. Since I have changed the destination directory to “D:\Spark” all the sound files reside in “D:\Spark\resources\sounds”

The location that sound files point to is set by…

in org.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.preference.sounds.SoundPreferences.java

outgoingSound = new File(Spark.getResourceDirectory(), “sounds/outgoing.wav”).getCanonicalPath();
incomingSound = new File(Spark.getResourceDirectory(), “sounds/incoming.wav”).getCanonicalPath();
incomingInvitationSound = new File(Spark.getResourceDirectory(), “sounds/incoming.wav”).getCanonicalPath();
offlineSound = new File(Spark.getResourceDirectory(), “sounds/presence_changed.wav”).getCanonicalPath();

and Spark.getResourceDirectory() is…

RESOURCE_DIRECTORY = new File(USER_SPARK_HOME, “/resources”).getAbsoluteFile();

public static File getResourceDirectory() {

What should I switch “RESOURCE_DIRECTORY = new File(USER_SPARK_HOME, “/resources”).getAbsoluteFile();” to in order to get a actual installation directory?

Thanks in advance