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Detect network failure and guarantee message delivery


I have 2 doubts regarding message delivery.

Msn has this feature that tells you “message could not be delivered” if some problem ocurred trying to deliver a message to some contact. I believe jabber is asyncronous, and doesn´t have this ability. I´m I correct ? I´ve heard there was a XEP regarding this already, but don´t know it openfire implements it…

The other question is regarding timeouts and networks problems…

If a jabber client ends without doing logout (for instance a computer shutdown), openfire takes 2 or 5 minutes to detect that this session has ended, so this user will be seen as online, and every message sent to him ( between the time is has closed and the time openfire detects a timeout) will be lost.If he was offline the message would be saved…

How can we avoid this ? I´ve read aldo that this XEP http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0199.html was made to prevent this. Does openfire has it already ?




doesn´t any developer know anything about this ?