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Detecting destruction of a room located on another server (server-to-server)


We have 2 openfire servers A and B. The 2 openfire instances are configured to allow server-to-server communication.

We also have 2 clients CA and CB, where CA is a user connected to openfire server A and CB is a user connected to openfire server B.

On openfire server B I have created a chat room name B.CHAT.

My question now is, if CA joins the chat room B.CHAT on openfire server B (This work perfectly) and the openfire server B crashes … is there a way for client CA to know that the room does no longer exists or it is offline?

I have testet this with the SPARK client, and there seem to be no way to tell that the room is actually dead? From the CA point of view everything seem like the room is stil up. All users are still listed in the room and CA can still post messages to the room without errors.

FYI: We use the Smack API in our project, but for testing I used the SPARK client.

Hope you can help me.

BR Thomas