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Detecting login from another client/location

Hi there,

We are currently developing a client that uses XMPP, and am wondering how one would go about detecting if you have logged in on another computer for example, so we can log off any existing instances of the same user.

We are using Openfire 3.6.4

Let me know if more detail is needed.


Can’t find out how to edit a post, but I just found something.

I captured a packet when logging in with another client as follows:

Available1</presen ce>

So would it be safe to assume that I would want to watch for presence packets TO and FROM own jid? Or is that flakey and prone to error? (Other legitemate packets to and from myself but not due to logging in at a second location)

Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, as I am new to XMPP

Thanks in advance