Determine if its a BOSH/HTTP-Bind Connection

Is there a way to tell (via plugin code) if a certain client connection is BOSH or not? I asked this question in the Openfire group chat and someone said I could try looking at the initial connection the user makes and look for “xmlns=” in the body tag. Is this the most reliable way to do it? Is there any lower-level way to find if the connection is BOSH? Does Openfire differentiate between a direct socket connection and a BOSH connection at all?

Thanks for any help.

I’ve been trying lots of things but keep hitting dead ends.

One thing I was looking at is “packet.getElement().element(“body”).getNamespaceURI()” but found out that won’t work because getElement() only seems to return the packet contents and not the wrapper which is what I need to get at to retrieve the xmlns value.

I could still really use some help here…