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Develop XMPP client


I have already have installed a openfire on my linux system and configured it with IM gateway plugin. Its really an wonderful app to work on with. I have install spark client and invited my friends (on LAN) to use my openfire server and spark client for ultimate IM experience.

Basically, I am a Java developer. I want to build a J2ME XMPP app, that can be configured with my openfire server and use yahoo IM services.

Can anyone to suggest me on the same.

Maybe http://micro-jabber.sourceforge.net/?microJabber

Hi wroot,

I couldnt find much info from the URL u specified in the last post.

I wud like to know, how can I use openfire jabber server with my mobile client to connect and chat on Yahoo IM service?

with regards,


Well, i gave you the link to j2me jabber library (http://sourceforge.net/projects/micro-jabber/) which i think one can use to build his j2me client. Why do you need jabber and openfire if you want to connect to yahoo? Maybe there are libraries to connect to yahoo directly. I dont have anything else to suggest. Btw, there is a nice app which is working with openfire as is based on j2me i think - Nimbuzz. It also can connect to various openfire gateways (Yahoo also).