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Developer chat - connection suggestions

Not that i will have any worth while discussion during these chats, but i was wondering about the connectivity to the chat session.

I tried to use the web interface and was unsuccessful. I kept getting service errors. Finally after hitting refresh quite a few times, i was able to “login” and join the chat room, said a few nonsensical remarks and was then disconnected.

I then tried to get miranda and gaim to connect. Gaim didn’'t even like to play at all. as soon as i tried to join the chat, Gaim would disappear into the void. Miranda would list the available services, but selecting the workgroup selection, the “join” button in miranda was greyed out.

any suggestions for connecting next time? granted as stated, your assistance in getting me connected will probably downgrade any productive conversation to random ramblings and quizical groans from the peanut gallery if i’'m actually admitted.

Hey toetag,

Last wednesday I had to restart the server by the time the chat session was going to begin. So during the first 5 or 10 minutes the server was not fully available which may be the reason why you were not able to connect neither from the web client nor Gaim or Miranda.

I just tried connecting with Exodus and Gaim and everything worked fine. So next time you can connect using the web client or any XMPP client that supports MUC. If you want you can connect now since the server is up and test your client.


– Gato