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Differences with tigase / openfire and clustering

Hi there,

I was wondering what the differences between tigase and openfire are?

I know this has been exhausted in the past and from what I understood the tigase was better at scaling etc

These old posts I found from year 2009/ 2011 and wondered if anything has changed?

For scaling is tigase still the recommended platform or openfire can compete now.

Memory and resources in respect to openfire and tigase?

Are both being actively developed or one has a better release schedule than the other ?

Thanks in advance

First, let me say, I have never worked with Tigase, but nonetheless, here are my thoughts:


I’ve found this on the web:

further impressions:

  • prosody setup time: 15mins. ubuntu package, dead simple configuartion, start, done.
  • ejabberd setup time: 30mins. ubuntu package, rather simple configuration but need to understand those parameters first related to the erlang vm, start, done.
  • tigase setup time: 2h+. tigase tar ball, opendjdk (ubuntu), requires tweaks to resolve issues with jdk tls issues and decouple from databases, a configuration nightmare with endless google searches for documentation until it starts w/o stacktrace.

Openfire is simple to setup in most cases and good to admin (I don’t know how Tigase can be administered).


Openfire has a Hazelcast plugin, which allows you to cluster it. It’s relatively easy to use, but I can’t tell you how good it is in a real world scenario.

Memory and resources:

We had some issues with “non-paged memory” on Windows 2008 with Openfire, which made us move to Linux. No problems so far. (more likely a Windows/driver problem).

Actively developed:

I’d say Openfire has 2-3 active developers. I’ve fixed some minor bugs myself. But for me it seems that the core developers from the mid 2000’s, who have the most knowledge about the sources, are gone.

I don’t know about Tigase, but it seems more actively developed. Openfire still has open bugs or feature requests, which are unresolved since 2005, like OF-176

Tigase seems also to support more XEPs (like 0198 Stream Management, or 0079 AMP, or Roster Versioning).


Openfire: Apache 2

Tigase: GPL 3


You can develop/use plugins for Openfire, which is nice. I don’t know how it is with Tigase.