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Different chat session/JID from conference room

Hi all,

I have noticed that if I initiate a chat with a user from a conference room, I get a different chat session than if I initiate the chat from the user list

(I am using spark as chat client, openfire as server, I am not 100% sure where this issue belongs)


start a chat with user Frank, a chat window opens simply titled ‘Frank’

now, if I start a chat with the same user Frank from the list of users joined to the ‘Lounge’ room, I get a different window (with no history) titled ‘Frank - Lounge’

the JID will show up either as frank@chat.server or lounge@conference.chat.server/frank - even if it is the same user. What is the difference??

Is this the expected behavior from Openfire/Spark? Any way to force the chat with the same users to open in a single window?

Thanks for your help!

I believe what the difference is one is a private side chat within the Lounge, the other is a direct chat with the person via just the server. The private chat a a sub-feature of the MUC.

OK, thanks!

The problem is that I have internal users logged into 3-4 rooms at the same time, and everyone is using thelist of users in the room for starting 1:1 chats, so everyone end up with 3-4 windows with the same users, each with its own history etc. It is really annoying…

Is it possible to disable this, either in spark or openfire? I noticed a setting ‘Show Real JID’ when setting up conferences. Could this be it?

I do not believe that setting will achieve what you are looking for. I think that just shows their JID instead of their nickname. I could be wrong though.

Does anyone know how to disable/prevent/switch off this behavior??

Is this behavior that is useful/desirable in other circumstances?? (keep JIDs separate on remotely hosted MU discussions??)

It is such an annoyance, and I fail to see the usefulness of it…

If anyone could shed light on this I’d be grateful

Are you able to use a different client? I ran into the same problem at first. With “Show Real JIDs” and “Only Login with Registered Nickname” enabled, Pidgin creates a private chat initiated from the chat room user list as a one-to-one chat instead of via the conference plugin.

EDIT: The downsides of Pidgin: multi-protocol support where security is a concern, and the account management/login process is a much different approach. If Spark changed the way it initiates private chats from MUC, I’d probably switch.

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