Different network differen status

Would it be possible to set a different status for each IM network like in trillian? That would be great, because than I could set my work (wildfire) online and my private (MSN&ICQ) offline or away so I don’'t get disturbed.

You can do that by using directed presences. However, I don’'t know of any client that supports anything else other than offline/online for each gateway.

I will tell you that I have some “grande plans” for the future that may include the ability to do this. I won’‘t go into details yet as I haven’‘t worked it all out in my head and I don’'t want to make promises I may not be able to keep. =)

BTW, if you log in “invisible” to wildfire, the gateways won’‘t be able to see you, so you won’‘t log into them. =) I know that’'s not exactly what you want, but it is a way to dodge logging into the gateways. Of course the moment you become available they will see you and log you in.

sounds good that ‘‘grande plan’’

but the status invisible is not listed, only:

Free to chat



On the phone

Extended away

Do Not Disturb

Your client doesn’‘t offer the choice of invisible? =/ Psi does (amongst others). Hrm… What client are you using? Note that this isn’'t -entirely- surprising, as invisibility has been an arguing point in jabber land for a bit.

being new to the whole jabber world I choose spark because it was on the same site as wildfire


Well, I guess Spark doesn’‘t support invisible. I don’‘t know if you are interested in trying other clients, but you could always give one of them a shot. That’'s really the only good way to do what you were wanting at the moment.