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Different OU in Active Directory

Hi all,

I just take a shoot to try openfire, and bamm yess it is a great IM software i ever installed and i found almost nothing in error. One of the most intersting me is Openfire can be integrated with Active Directory users. But i have some dificulties in here :

  1. the total user that openfire see in my AD is just 1k, the actual users are over 1300

  2. My AD have several OU, 1st OU is machines OU, 2nd OU is UserAccounts (normal user), 3rd OU is Admin OU, they are at same level. My question is, how to configure openfire to get just the 2nd and 3rd OU only, not the entire domain?

  3. My AD have a group, and how to configure a room with AD group as the user?

Thanks very much, and keep the great job

P S:

  • I use Openfire 3.4.4

  • Client using Spark 2.5.8

  • Database using mysql in the same server

I believe you are running into a problem caused by the default setting for MaxPageSize. You may want to increase the default setting. See this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315071.

thanks for the answer, one of my questions are answerd , yes now it shows everything in my AD, what about other question any clue?

Thank you very much

PS: (Addtional Info )

  • Openfire running at windows 2k3 32bit, 2Gb RAM

  • AD running at 2k3 4 Gb RAM

You would need to use an LDAP filter to isolate users that you want to have access to the server. I am not good at writing LDAP filters but there are several example elsewhere in this community. I would search for User Filters, LDAP Filters, or AD Filters.

Conference rooms can not use groups at this point. You must assign priviledges based on user ID.