Different presence types (Maybe ICQ only)

It’'s me again

I searched the issues and didn’'t found something that matched my request.

When I log on to the transport, I’'m marked as “available” for other ICQ-clients, no matter what type of presence I have set in PSI.

Unfortunately I can’'t talk for other protocols '‘cause I’'ve only a ICQ-account here.


Hrm. That’'s interesting. Available as in even when you are -unavailable-, or only available as compared to away, dnd, etc? (this is bizarre, this is one of the things I explicitly test)

A little test (5 minutes old):

I logged on with Kopete onto ICQ with account a and with PSI onto our wildfire testserver with the transport connecting to an other ICQ-account b.

b is listed for a as <-> Presence type in PSI (b)

online <-> Online

online <-> Away

online <-> Not Available

online <-> Do Not Disturbe

online <-> Invisible (I’'m not sure if it is correct or not because both clients can se each other when they are invisible, but Kopete showed gave me no special symbol for invisible status)

Do you need any more inforamtions I can maybe provide to you ?

Hope it helps to find something out

Aww dammit. GATE-122 I don’'t know when that broke but it sure used to work. =(