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Difficulties Installing Openfire 3.8.2 (Post-Install Setup)

let’s start from scrach: uninstall openfire, delete the folder

Ok, lets make sure you got the correct DN’s

from a command prompt, type: dsquery user

this will list all the DN’s for all the users in your domain.

find the user that you want to be administrator and copy the the full DN.

the BASE DN will be the same thing but only starting at the: DC=

lets see if that helps.

seems like you replyed before I did, go on you for finding the answer!

Yeah, I’ve started from scratch going on something like 100 times (not exaggerating).

I had gotten it working earlier this week- and by that time I was so frustrated with this that I was practically typing random crap into the fields because that seemed just as logical as anything else I was doing at the time.

So, when it quite unexpectedly worked, I kinda couldn’t recall what in the actual hell I did to get it working.

Then I broke it again trying to change the admin user to something other than a “named” user.

Then I couldn’t get it working, again.

Then I got frustrated again and went back to trying (what seemed like) completely insane things (things not found in the official instructions or anywhere else) just for giggles.

Then it worked.

This somehow doesn’t seem like the most efficient troubleshooting process. I’d much rather read that little tidbit somewhere than have to come to it at the end of my wits and sanity.