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Disable all contact list group sharing


I am running openfire with the active directory sync.

I am looking for an option to disable all contact list group sharing.

It is posible to disable every group individualy.

But I cant find a way to disable all.

If I have to do this manualy I need to disable 443 groups.

Thats a lot of work.

Thanks in advance,


No, there is no such option. With good database skills probably it is possible to edit it in there.

Iknow what to edit in the database, but there is no groups database.

That means i dont have all the groups in a database, so i cant make a script that edits the database.

I think the way it works is that Openfire adds every user of a shared group to the rosters of every user in the group you are sharing first group to. But maybe i’m wrong.

I have solved it by manualy setting everything to disabled.

It would be nice, for the next time, to know how i can do this the automated way.