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Disable Avatars

This may be an Openfire question more than spark but we are in the process of rolling out Spark to our organizations. We would like to disable avatars altogether. In Openfire I have the LDAP Vcard field as a blank field and the ldap.override.avatar property set to True but we are still seeing avatars in the spark buddy list.

Is there a way to prevent the user from adding an avatar?

Also is this something that we can control better with the Enterprise plugin? I am pushing the purchase of this through now because we need it for live chat and I’m hoping it will help the avatar situation. Also SparkWeb is not out of the picture if that will help the situation.


First the setting ldap.override.avatar set to true means that you are allowing LDAP users to use avatars. If you are using LDAP set that to false to prevent the users from adding avatars. You still will have the task of removing existing avatars.

Thanks for the response. Are the avatars stored in the VCard folder in the user’s profile directory or are they stored in the database?

Database - MySql

End user OS - Windows XP

Openfire server - Centos 5

it might be a little bit of both. The file is converted to a PNG and placed in the user profile spark folder. But It must be on the server as well as it will follow a user to different machines.

Just to let you know, the setting you gave me about worked in stopping users from adding avatars. We have since upgraded to the Enterprise edition which also allows me to disable avatars. After clearing them from the db and removing the vcards from the local machine, I’m good to go.

Thanks for your help

The feature to disable avatars is in the opensource version. I was just giving you an easy way (for me) to do it.

Would you mind sharing with me the way that you were able to diable the avatars in the Opensource version?


I was referring to those users with LDAP connections to populate users and groups. To do it with LDAP you need to set this property to false ldap.override.avatar.