Disable certain LDAP users from appearing?

Hello, is is possible to select certain users or groups found in LDAP to not appear as Spark users? Accounts like guest or some of the Small Business Server account will never be used to log into spark, and just cause needless clutter.

Also, is it possible to make it so certain users or groups are automatically added to users contact lists? I’d like to keep the clients updated with a list of all current employees.

The short answer is yes in regards to limiting accounts. It will depend on the configuration of your LDAP on how easy or difficult this is. The automatic sharing is done this way: Openfire Automatic Roster Population via Shared Groups

Ah, excellent. As for the first question is there any similiar documentation to get me started towards getting that figured out? From the sound of it it’s not completely easy, but what does it entail?

If you have configured your LDAP server to be organized into a well structured set of OUs and Groups this will be easier. In short it has to do with a combination of BaseDN and filters. You can use this doc as a reference: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1554. Bear in mind that all changes to the settings are now done in the admin website via the system properties, not by editing the openfire.xml.

Here is a sample user filter that will filter based on membership in a group. So only users that are members of the group will be allowed to login. This is a user filter, not a group filter.

(&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=WebISteam,ou=ChatGroups,ou=acco unts,dc=domain,dc=com))