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Disable "Contacts" Group

I have been trying to find an answer to this question for a few days now. Perhaps I am not using the right keyword in my searches, so please forgive me if this has been answered already.

We recently made some changes to our shared group settings and took the ability to see certain groups away from members of other groups. Afterwards, many of our users started to get a server generated “Contacts” group showing up in their client rosters. Within this group are users that the person should no longer be able to see, but for some reason still can.

If I go on the server, and click Users/Groups > User Summary > random jid > roster I see every contact for that particular person. If I filter the roster by “No Shared Groups” I see the list of users being presented in the “Contacts” group on the client. For the purposes of the current user’s roster, they have no group association and no subscription with that user. Some of them are also employees that no longer work at the company. I can manually delete the users from the roster, but I would really like to be able to prevent the server from doing it in the first place.

Is there anything I can do on the server aside from going down each user’s roster and removing entries one by one?

FYI - Server: Openfire 3.4.4 Client: Pandion 2.5

Thanks in advance.

Are you using LDAP? Are the users still in LDAP?

We are currently using LDAP with Active Directory strictly for account creation. We were using it for group management as well, but approximately a year ago we updated the server and had a flurry of issues with our groups. We ultimately rolled the server back and ended up having to do our group management on the server itself. To answer your second question, yes, the users that are still employed by our company are in LDAP. The users who are showing up in the roster that no longer work here have had their domain accounts deleted.

Here is the LDAP setup from openfire.xml

domaincontroller.domain.forest.org 389 sAMAccountName cn mail DC=domain,DC=forest,DC=org CN=jabber,CN=Users,dc=domain,DC=forest,dc=org password false true true true false true false

I’m not so sure this is not a client issue instead of server. If a user is not a member of a group they would just be listed as a contact. It could be that your client software is classifying the users into a group. Many clients require contacts to be placed into organizational groups to be displayed. Since the users were previously in the roster in other groups they may have just been relocated to a default contact group.

A test could be to try a different client all together. See if that group shows up.

As you suspected, it seems to be an issue on the client side. As a test, I installed Spark for one of our users and once he signed in, the “Contacts” group was no longer in his roster. Unfortunately, I’m stuck as we have roughly 150 workstations that would need Spark installed, but all of them are locked down for regular users. Additionally, we have spent a lot of time modifying our Pandion installs to strip down its functionality, and don’t have the time to start all over again with a new client. On top of that, Pandion’s site has been down for maintenance, so I cannot even search their forums to find a solution.

In any event, your help has been greatly appreciated. Thank you.

BTW, if you there is something I can do on the server side, please let me know.